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About The Lusaka Christian Fellowship Qwa Qwa Video.
From the hilltop, the sprawling area of Qwa Qwa can be seen against the mountainous backdrop, the following scenes are from walking around the church area and house visits.
The First house visit is to an elderly Gogo (grandmother) who was complaining of pains in her side in the kidney area. She had been to the doctors three times. They said it was a sugar problem. We laid hands on her pain area and she got immediate relief. She is a believer but does not come to the church. Her daughters and grandchildren are all members of the church.
The second visit is to a family of Christians that we provide for with food parcels and necessities. As we go through the kitchen into the sitting room we see just how little they have. This young lady had been suffering bad nightmares. John who accompanied Reg on a visit from Johannesburg felt led to pray for her after the filming. Reg felt unable to pray for her but couldn’t understand why, until he felt that she had been involved in witchcraft. Reg relayed this to Pastor Joseph who said “oh no she is a good Christian girl” so Reg said please ask her. She admitted that she had been involved in witchcraft before becoming a Christian. She was a baptized Christian, saved and believed in Jesus but was plagued by the demonic influence that still remained in her. She was asked to renounce all witchcraft and be truly sorry before God for doing this. We then commanded the evil spirits to leave her in Jesus’ name and never return. She had no more nightmares.
We then have a scene from the back of Pastor Joseph’s house with a young lady collecting water in a bucket from the standpipe next to the small tin shack on the right hand side. This is the toilet. Houses here do not have bathrooms. Bathing is done by standing in a 3ft diameter bowl of water and washing all over.
Next scene is the church opposite Joseph’s rear garden. The original house, which is now used for preparing hot food for everybody after the service, is where the church first started and is seen, still attached to the newly built church. Money to build this church was donated by two Korean businessmen who went to South Africa looking for a needy area to build a church. The money ran out after building the walls but these people kept worshiping and praising the Lord in it every Sunday come rain or shine or zero temperature in winter. They became a laughing stock amongst the people in the area who said “what God is this who cant afford to have a roof on His church”. Some time later money arrived to pay for a roof. This was factory made and installed by a crane. The scoffers saw a miracle, a roof that came from the sky (a crane) and completely installed in a day. More people came to the church after this.
Clips from the usual 3+ hours of worship can be seen, leading to the Baptism of approximately 70 ladies, some of whom can be seen waiting in line, and 15 men. The service started before 9am and went on till way after 1pm. Shown first is a man with no eyes and then a lady who wasn’t sure what to do, having never been in water before. The microphone belonging to the Family Church in Johannesburg was retrieved from her, before ending up in the water. The next lady to be baptized was included because of her sincerity. Even though we can’t understand her words, we can see that her prayer comes from her heart. This video could have included many more people like her. Her statement of belief in Jesus in English was requested of everybody being baptized, most were able to do so in English.
Reg Schafer’s teaching on tithing via interpreter Sabata Hadebe follows the “knees up” worship time. Mielies referred to are “corn on the cobs” which is their staple diet when crushed up to make a porridge. The teaching was to encourage those people who had something, whatever or how little it was, to bring a tenth to the church for distribution to help those who have nothing and be blessed by the giving themselves.
Cliff Brewer’s teaching on repentance and salvation via interpreter Elizabeth Komaku was given before the salvation appeal. Many came forward for salvation so were split into two groups to be prayed for and led to Jesus. Pastor Joseph Zwane can be seen amongst the men in the left group calling out to the “gentlemen” and emphasizing the teaching African style. The ladies who came forward for salvation are in the centre.
A special presentation follows of the Lusaka Christian Fellowship choir who recently won an award for the best choir in the area. The choir leader is wearing a tablecloth that was our gift.
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