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The Space @ His Place

The Space is an 800 capacity seated auditorium at the heart of this grade II listed building, capable of hosting a wide variety of events, ranging from solo and orchestral classical concerts, to theatre productions, cabaret, popular music concerts, film shows and more.
Along with the superb oak ceiling, the design of the space offers accoustics matched only by some of the finest concert venues in the country. An impressive venue in design and decor, The Space also offers basic in-house lighting, and a 1.8kw PA system. Hirers may bring in their own equipment should they prefer. The hire fee includes the services of our in-house technician.
For further information, arrange a vist , or to book, please contact Nicky on 01424 423501 or Email.

band on stage in the space
band setting up in the space
the space stage with opus piano
Video of His Place supporter Mike Willis performing at The Space, alongside local band 'The Haystingers'.
The Space Technical:
Sound desk:
Soundcraft Signature 22, 22 channel Mixer with 16 Mono-Inputs, 4 Stereo-Inputs, 4 Band EQ with parametric mids, 8 Mic channels with dbx compressor/Limiter, 5 Aux, Solo/Mute Schalter, 2 x Lexicon FX built-in.
F.O.H System:
2 x Thomann TA18 18" 500W Active Bandpass Subwoofers. 2 x Thomann TA12 active full range & mid/hi speaker 12" 1,4", 300W + 100W.
Stage monitors:
3 x Thomann MA120 MKII active 12" monitor 120W.
Microphones/DI boxes:
We have a selection of microphones including Shure SM58s, 57s, 86. 4 x Millenium DI-33 active DI boxes (battery or phantom powered. We have a good selection of mic stands and cables also.
4 x Showtec Compact Par 18 MKIIs, and 2 x ULShave LED Par, from sides.
2 x Showtec Compact Par 18 MKIIs on stage as uplighters.
8 Floods from roof ( white only), and 4 further LED pars no fixed position. Zero 88 Elara Mk1 controller.
The Space Production:
A door at either side of the stage leads to access to the vestry, which is used as event backstage area, stairs from here lead down to a further dressing room which also has access to a catering area and kitchen should this be required.
Venue access:
Equipment access is easiest from Cambridge Road, comprising 2 steps to doors, then 3 internal steps to venue. For performers, there is an entrance through the yard off Robertson Street, after 5pm, stairs directly to backstage area.
During the day the Priory Street car park is reasonably priced, or a cheaper car park is adjacent to the College next to Hastings Train Station.
After 6pm weekdays the multi story on Priory Street is free. Sundays the charge is £1.20 for the day (at time of writing, please check). If we have events happening on the first floor then our Cambridge Road entrance would be made available as a second entrance route to the booked event.
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